The 8 Principles

1. Get the right person for the job We dedicate a great deal of time to research and intensive profiling processes in order to find the right person for the job. Our knowledge of the client's business and industry ensures that we understand the type of individual who will integrate smoothly into your business.
2. Own the process With clearly-defined objectives and measures at every stage all parties know what is expected from the briefing stage to beyond the placement to ensure a smooth process and placement.
3. Measure effectiveness Through post-placement review we are able to take feedback on the process and how it has worked for the business. We build a comprehensive view of the progress, gain a better understanding of the clients business, where we have, and can add value moving forward.
4. Keep promises The Principles are built on a conviction that there is a place for trustworthy, conscientious and skilled recruitment consultants. This final principle seals the commitment by linking consultants directly to the review process and keeps them fully accountable.
5. The Focus We believe in gaining expertise in the very base that any business is built on – The Human Resources.
6. Tell the Whole Truth Every candidate profile sent to businesses will include a frank and honest appraisal of the candidate's achievements, strengths and weaknesses to be used to help client and candidate achieve the 'right fit'.
7. Deliver Value for Money All methods undertaken are rigorous, consistent and complete transparency is guaranteed, with full explanations and reports on activities and progress of the recruitment process.
8. Understand the client's business and industry We conduct a formal induction Programme and actively develop our knowledge and understanding of the client's business and industry throughout the relationship.